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@Weipim, you're right it was something like 3 boards in one. I love it. Yea, I would say mine is around 100ish days. It's cracked or broken in two places.

I am considering another Capita, but I'm also kind of wanting to try something else. Arbor and Salomon have both been in the back of mind, so when I started looking, both of those brands popped up as having something I was looking for in a board.

@Nivek, I think when I told her I was looking for a park style board that could shred the whole mountain, she threw out the rocker/flat/rocker shape and just went into something that fit the style of riding. I dunno. I guess the think that makes me stray from the Sabotage is that the flex seems like its a bit on the stiff side. I still want something that's a bit playful. That's why I'm gonna get rid of my Eviltwin, its just a little too stiff.

I'm still undecided, but thank you guys for your input, much appreciated.
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