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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Dude! I think you may have watched just one too many Dirty Harry movies....

If you would "rather die in a gun fight than flee your home", you are an idiot. No nice way to say it. Either this is male bravado crap or you are full blown crazy. sorry but this is just insane.

Now, responding in this tone to Kaka is not going to "win" the argument. There was no reason for to become this angry because Kaka does not agree. He was being very civil in his disagreement and you blew a gasket. Just so you know, not everyone who feels differently about this issue has a "liberal agenda". I have many very fiscally conservative friends who are life long registered Republicans who hate guns and want them banned. You have been listening to Beck and Limbaugh way too much.

Besides, do you understand the legal ramifications of doing what you said you would do? This would be a clear case of excessive force in any court. Yes, I understand that Colorado has laws similar to Washington with regard to shooting someone if they are inside the premisis, but even so, you had damn well better better be able to prove in both a criminal and a civil trial that it was life threatening. An unarmed theif in your home does not allow you to shoot in the eyes of the law. Its people like you who end up serving a prison term for "defending your home".

Just food for though and don`t start that "whiny liberal' crap with me; you know me better......

Number one, you dont know what you are talking about. The "liberal media" as you call it here in Portland is praising this guy six ways to Sunday. You live in Colorado not Oregon so you don`t have a clue what we are or are not talking about.

Number two:

This is the shit that you read??? Did you read the comments from these Tea Party, Birther right wing freaks? Once again, this becomes the face of the American gun owner...just great!

Christ man! these are exactly the kinds of people none of us want having any guns. If this is the shit you buy into, you have zero credibility with us sane folks and this is why some of us are embarrased to be Americans. The rest of the world sees this shit and correctly thinks we are a nation of retards. Just saying......
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