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Originally Posted by conspiracy View Post
often i go and i don't fully commit and bail and it is really annoying.
So you bail often but how often of those times do you *really* eat shit? How many of those bails (that you're so afraid of) have sidelined you for a day or a week, a month, a season?

I'll guess a few, two, one, zero, respectively.

So you know you're going to bail. You know that 99% of the time you're not going to get broke off, and it's barely even going to stop you from lining up a second attempt. Hell, 95% of the time when you bail it probably doesn't even hurt, or at least it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as you imagined that it might.

See where I'm going with this? You gotta square your fear with what you know from experience. Odds are exceedingly in your favor that you're not going to get wrecked, and that it's barely going to slow you down.

I still get those butterflies but they almost always go away as soon as I land even one moderately difficult trick, so I always try to take a lap in the park early in the day, just to get it out of the way. It's like getting the first "hit" out of the way when I used to play rugby, you get that out of the way and adrenaline takes over a bit, you get pumped because you just landed it even if it's something you've landed a dozen times before, and you also remember "Hey, this shit is not as hard or anywhere near as scary as I'm setting myself up for."

Also here's another progression tip: if you're going for a bigger/gnarlier trick, downsize the feature to something you're 100% comfortable on, if you're going for a bigger/gnarlier feature, downsize the trick to something you can stomp 100% of the time.

If it's your first time trying to get that 270 don't do it on the double-kink. Do it on the flat box. When you're stomping that on the regs, take it to a bigger feature. If it's your first time on the double-kink, do a 50/50, etc.
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