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Yes I felt bad after writing that.

But a nation that has a war (or more) per generation, and countless tragedies like this one does have a problem with guns. After living here for 14 years I see what causes the problem better than before, but i still don't see the will for a real solution. Until today maybe...I want to see what really happens.

I don't have a problem with you in particular owning a gun, I assume you are a responsible person until proven otherwise, but I don't see the logic where you need a permit and regular checks to own a car, but not for owning a gun?

Your example is not honest. A car is not designed to kill people. A gun is. The intended use for a car is to transport you to the...slopes... the intended use for a gun is to terminate a person. Where's the similarity?

The problem seem to be, that some people here feel the need to have an arsenal at home, and with kids around that is asking for an accident to happen.
So...why do people think they need an arsenal? Brainwashed into thinking that?

Originally Posted by cc898 View Post
I don't take any of it personally. I am simply voicing my opinion on the matter.

Its a bit of a blanket statement to say we are not responsible world citizens don't ya think?

I do not own them because I feel unsafe, as I said earlier, I am not a gun NUT, I enjoy shooting, I find it to be a fun challenge, its one of those hobbies in life that you can keep improving. Its my privilege to have them, I did not say its a right. I am allowed because I am a law abiding citizen, same as being able to drive a car.

I will not disagree with you, if it can be done right, there should be a system in place to help reduce incidences like what has happened recently. But I feel that you cannot include all gun owners as a problem, the problem ones are HUGE minority right now.

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