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Like a lot of guys on this forum, I read up, looked around, watched some vids, and ended up pulling the trigger on a set of Flow NX2-GT's. I've always been a bit of a techie, and they really looked like something that had it all going.

Well, I've been out on them 4 times now, and really haven't found a setup that I could call dialed in. (like my 3 yr old NXT-ATs.) Ironically, they seem to work well when you ignore the highback, and strap in like a traditional, which is totally nonsense.

Turns out my "game changer" was last year's Fastek\GNU Agro's. The toe piece stays in place; raising the heel piece does not involve a shoe horn; and the locking ankle strap gives a nice solid feel of a traditional two strap.

So far, Flow's "next big thing" are on the back up plank while I see if I can figure out how to make them live up to the hype and the cost.
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