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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
Yeah I LOVED the SIG, unfortunately it cost $50 every time I wanted to shoot it at the local range (I wasn't willing to spend $600 for a full membership per year), and it ended up just being something I looked at, stripped, cleaned, and put back together a lot.

Same with the rifle. I loved it, but after putting holes in paper at 200 yards and hitting a steel plate, I got kinda bored. Trap/skeet/sporting is tough enough that I ALWAYS feel like I've accomplished something when I've been out shooting. Plus I find it more of a social event than going to an indoor range to fire a handgun, or sitting on a bench with the rifle.
Getting a beer can to explode at 300 yards is pretty interesting. Or hitting a watermelon with a 50 cal muzzle loader. We go out to a friends farm sometimes (250 acres) when its not hunting season and shoot out there a lot. We bring out different target types so there isn't much of a bored factor.
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