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Originally Posted by jetboat View Post
I have a few..
land rover discovery: unreliable gas hog 12mpg, awesome in the snow
audi a4 1.8t quattro: with 4 studded tires unstoppable, good mileage 25mpg, unreliable
chicks dig these euro cars!!

dodge 2500 4x4 diesel: whats snow?,17mpg, does not warm up quik and stinks up the parking lot bad.. only redneck girls look twice. I leave it hooked up to the boat.

being a master auto tech for the last 21yrs i have some suggestions:
subaru.. you cannot kill em, amazing in the snow, cheap, lots of room
toyota/lexus are the best cars built in the world for reliability etc..
honda/acura are also very good
if you are going to invest lots of cash into a car you might think twice b4 u get the look at me euro car. Or have deep pockets for endless repairs.

Ive seen many modded Subaru engines pop........stock, I agree though.
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