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Originally Posted by timmytard View Post
He would have been found, probably in the first few hours.

I have a hunch dogs might hear it


In all fairness, I go in that area every time I'm able too.
2 weeks ago, after riding a little ways out there. I turned to hike back in, which should have been 10 min max. It was such a white out blizzard though, I hiked from one out of bounds area, right across the run I was looking for, into a different out of bounds area.

My binding exploded whilst I was using my board to climb, going up a really steep section. That added some time. My 10min hike took 45min, that had me a bit confused.

Finally I seen an orange snow fence, holy shit though, I was so tired I just flopped over it. Wouldn't ya know it, 2 ski patrol sweepin' up Skychair.
They were cool, luckily.

So the red line was my route.
After going out of bounds skiers right, I was just trying to get to the yellow line & then follow it down.

Right now though, or @ least 2 weeks ago. That area doesn't look anything like the map.
The wide open runs, aren't wide open, cause all the little trees, logs, cliffs & waterfalls haven't been buried yet.

I have a little video of the fog rollin' in, I have to upload it yet.
It's pretty trippy.
DUDE>>>>please remove that are going to fuck things up for the rest of us.
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