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Ok, to reiterate, I was mentioning the benefits of keeping your body naturally aligned with your stance angles vs ending up in a counter-rotated position by keeping your body still doing text book aasi-dynamic turns.

Unless it's my inexperience talking, I feel the twisted position resulting at the end of each turn, if doing a complete C, or uphill, puts the rider at a disadvantage, especially on bumpier terrain, although the side effect of ending up counter-rotated is, you naturally are in the back seat, as you should be finishing a turn.

Also, that I think for most riders, and for me too, let's say riding duck +15/-15, doing AASI dynamic skidded turns... leading shoulder pointing DOWN fall line, the result of a toe side turn is often in a "counter-rotated" position, with the board perpendicular to the fall line, with the lead shoulder pointing down (as it should be), however from the toe to the heel side, most people open up, and now the lead shoulder is no longer pointing down the slope, it is pointing more to the side, and more often, they are still looking down, reminiscent of a heel side edge slide, to keep the lead shoulder pointing down often definitely feels like "counter rotation"

I was also experimenting with active "anticipatory rotation", where just as one turn begins, u actively start rotating the other way, and vice versa, almost seems like counter-rotation but it's not, or maybe if you look at it some way, it's pre rotation with an active counter-rotation as you are rotating for the next turn...

I hope this makes more sense.

PS: I definitely know how to carve, any local rider who has seen my riding, knows this is an utter fact, I am trying to work more on different turn shapes, styles... maybe delve into freestyle.

PPS: My idea of dynamic riding is the utilization of the body to create edge angles, including pressure distribution, including different techniques of unweigh, up unweighting, down unweighting, and mid-weighting. WEEEEEEE

Oh yeah the question!
1. So is keep the body aligned better in steep/bumpy sections vs letting the board move about totally independently?
2. is my "anticipatory rotation" fubar, and just keep a "silent" body?
I find the "anticipatory rotation" helps a lot.. with moguls...

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