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I think it really depends. In really steep moguls, I personally like to ride by starting the turn with my upper body (shoulder). Then drive my knees hard to get a lot of edge angle and a quick turn. On my heelside, I lead with shoulder again but instead I lean back hard, and bring my mid section forward. This sounds funny, but it keeps my back, and weight better in line with the heelside edge.

The other technique you are talking about, keeping your upper body mostly static, and really only carving with the lower body is quite a bit harder for most I think. The timing and edge transitions are much faster, and the lower body is very dynamic. This is just a guess, but I think if you are too counter rotated doing this, it may be a timing issue. I find just before I am too rotated, the board has lots of energy and wants to pop to the other edge.

P.S. you can't carve on real ice .. You only skid, head to Mont Tremblant out east after rain then a freeze.

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