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Default Got my 161 Solution and to finish?

So I got a great deal on a first year Solution 161 with a factory blemish(which I can't even see) 400$ the Jones solution comes with the karakoram clips and standard nose\tailclips and I still have my marker skins which are like brand new from my previous setup.

I also have a bran new pair of Spark Burners

My questions is , what parts do I buy to finish off the setup?

I need the following

1. Pin System(Voile or Spark?) the Spark LT pin system from Spark is approx 75$ but I already have pins that cam with my Sparks so if I can get JUST the voile pin receiver setup I"ll do that.

2. Risers , can get the dual risers for around 40$ almost anywhere(REI backcountry, black diamond whatever)

3.Universal rotating pucs for Sparks, can I just buy these by themselves?

Am I forgetting anything and can I get these parts one off or do I have to buy a whole stupid kit, should I spend the extra 20-30$ and kit the LT pin kit from Spark and the rest of the parts separate?

Thanks in advance!

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