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Originally Posted by Zombaco View Post
Before certain death, on top of Scotty's....

Attachment 9351
We looked over, but didn't want to get to close to the edge in case it broke off. With all the blowing snow it was impossible to see anything. And also there was an avy on Scotty's a day or two earlier, and it looked massive. We talked to ski patrol, and they said it was from dynamite but had a 4-6ft crown. There was quite a debris field lower down... coulda been a Mixie disaster?

I was totally strapped in and ready to drop into scotty's!! I almost didn't follow you back down the backside.

Oh what we don't get the full convo with ski patrol?

zombaco: "how big was the crown on scottys?"

Ski Patrol "4 to 6 feet"

zombaco glares at mixie "did it just happen or did you bomb it?

Ski Patrol "it happened ......from a stick of dynamite"

sorry, I found that amusing! Ski Patrol owes me for the walkie talkie filter idea!!

also? I am taller then the sign....I am just in really, really deep snow. Swear to fucking god.
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