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I think I need to bring this thread back into focus a little. The original point was that the US has a stupid amount of mass killings compared to the rest of the world, both on an absolute and on a per-capita basis. The question was, and remains, WHY? It was pointed out that the gun culture is the low-hanging fruit, is going to be the first thing to be blamed, but is a facile and unconvincing argument just by itself. And just to quiet those who see a conspiracy under every tree, this was pointed out by NON-gun-advocates.

Unfortunately, the gun advocates don't seem to be able to have an intelligent discussion about it. Every attempt to discuss the issue gets met with either an attempt to deflect anger (It's THE MEDIA!!! THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!!) or to turn the debate into a hot-button talking point (DON'T BAN OUR GUNS!!!! DON'T BAN OUR GUNS!!!!!) or to show by convoluted "logic" that guns are much less dangerous than we think and that the fact that most of these victims are being killed by guns is either a coincidence or a conspiracy by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!!

Fuck, do you hear yourselves? I have nothing against guns, and if I lived in the interior I'd probably own one. But most of you seem to want to have sex with yours.

You want a reason why you should start thinking about this rationally? OK, here's one. Sooner or later, if not this time then next time, there's going to be enough momentum to get something done. For all the screaming and yelling, the decision about what to do will be made by those who at least seem to be behaving rationally. If you're acting like a total over-the-top gun nut, your opinion will be ignored as extremist. If you are demanding absolutely no compromise, absolutely no control, absolutely no change, your opinion will be ignored as extremist. Even the NRA has figured that out and is taking a more controlled and moderate stance this time around (at least so far). Be a constructive part of the debate, or be ignored. It's as simple as that.

Rant over. Now back to our regularly scheduled armageddon.

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