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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
I don't think anyone is saying there shouldn't be reasonable regulation (and again I think our current regulation in Canada is reasonable) but outright bans are not the answer.
They're not even the question.

Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
Actually tougher gun control in Canada only came around in the last 30 years or so
Controls on civilian use of firearms date from the early days of Confederation, when justices of the peace could impose penalties for carrying a handgun without reasonable cause.
There've been additional laws passed over the years, but none have changed the fundamental "flavour" of gun ownership in Canada. Rifles OK, pistols bad. Canadians by and large see guns as tools, not fetishes.

Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
How about a molotov cocktail? Go to gas station. Buy bottle of pop and a lighter, take a paper towel from the washroom. Drink pop. Fill bottle with gas, lighter fluid, etc. etc. etc. Stuff rag in, light it, throw it at people...
That's still more work and less certain than a gun. Plus the molotov clips are much smaller and harder to reload.

Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
Maybe the reason these sick fucks choose a gun is it's the easiest thing to turn on themselves after? Most are cowards after all...
Tempting to demonize them, but they're probably not. Insane, yes. Sociopaths, yes. And why are you working so hard to deflect the idea that a gun is a simple and effective way to kill people? Tell you what. When you start taking molotov cocktails or kitchen knives on camping and hunting trips as your main weapons, we'll talk some more.

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