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The NRA is now calling for an armed police officer at every school. Quite frankly, I would much rather have my kid attending a school with an armed cop than living in a place with extremely strict gun controls. Connecticut gun laws are on the stricter end of the spectrum in the US and it didn't stop Adam Laza from killing over 2 dozen people. Chicago, New York City and California have some of the strictest gun control laws out there. Is it any safer there?

What type of gun restrictions could possibly prevent these types of mass shootings from happening? Even if all sales of "assault weapons" and high capacity magazines were immediately stopped it would have no impact on the hundreds of thousands of these items already in circulation and have been legally purchased.

Who honestly thinks that tighter gun controls or a complete ban of military style semi-automatic rifles will prevent future shootings? Is there anyone the really thinks if James Holmes or Adam Laza couldn't get ahold of an AR-15 they would have never killed anyone and gone on living their lives being outstanding citizens? Did the assault weapons ban of 1994-2004 prevent Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold from shooting up Columbine?

Lets be honest here. Most people that say they want stricter gun control laws use it as a euphemism for an outright ban on guns. What's the end game here? If, hypothetically, assault rifles and high capacity magazines are outlawed then what are they going to go after that? Another mass shooting is going to inevitably happen sooner or later. What even stricter gun regulations are they going to want next? As long as shootings of any sort continue to happen, the anti-gun crowd will want to make it harder and harder for law abiding citizens to get guns to keep us "safe" until the second amendment is no more.

Ar-15's and high capacity magazines are an easy target to go after but out of the 32,000 gun deaths in this country only a tiny fraction of a percent are directly attributed to mass shootings. Wouldn't anti-handgun legislation be a more efective way of curbing gun related homicides in this country? Or is it just easier to go after AR-15's?
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