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The legalities of 'lethal force" are not in question, as the perps of these events are not at all considerate of the laws.

As far as a home invasion goes, you are WAY more likely to get a face full of bear or hornet spary fom me than I am EVER to shoot at you. While I am a decent shot with a gun, I am a GREAT shot with bear or hornet spay! Google what happens if you get a lot of hornet spray in the eyes=NO FUN. With much less chance of hurting someone else with a stray bullet.

Is anyone else concerned that guns sales have tripled in the last few days, and ammo and mag sales are through the is a ban going to stop whats out there? "Hey, sir, you can't sell that gun!" "Oh, okay, guess I won't then." Yeah sure, that will happen.

The public wants to have the "idea" of guns gone, in reality, its not gonna happen.
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