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I agree T.C. they did very little over the time they were active, that much has been shown. Mostly they made people a lot of money because they caused a severe supply/demand problem. Same with current auto weapons bans.

There really is very little that can be done to effectively control what exists now. Ramp it down in the future....maybe, but immediately, not so much. Its a feel good band-aide at best without long term support and an overall desire to change the wat people think about the issue. Amereica need to be "weened" off of a centuries old idea, I for one think that will never happen, its too deeply seeded in our psyche.

Yes, change is possible.....when change is WANTED, not forced. Forced change causes rebellion among those who do not choose it.

Japan has an entirely different culture and history than the U.S. does, they have many other factors at play, I cannot presume to know them all, and neither can/should you. What may have "worked" there is not guaranteed to work here.

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