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Default Good riders, Bad Form?

In my limited time/experience snowboarding, I have noticed quite a lot of riders who "seem" to be able to shred quite well, but do so using form that appears to be completely contrary to the accepted teachings and advice I've read and viewed.

To be specific, they bomb down the slope, fast and in control (...appear to be anyway), and seem to have the skills to easily stick various tricks. I.E. jumps, spins, butters & switch,.. but they do so with what I have been taught is totally "Bad" form & technique. They ride while having their upper bodies & shoulders completely open and facing forward. Lots of these riders look as if they're completely counter rotated for all of their turns & even when their bombing flat straight down the hill!!! (...remember now, I'm in the midwest & these are "bunny hill" resorts not big mnt.) More than a few even manage to "killit" while rockin' the whole "Mystery Date" look!!!

I bring this up because I am still struggling somewhat with balance on the board and the edges feeling "catchy"! For me, ANY lapse in technique or letting my shoulders get open, results in the board doing things that scare the shit outta me!

Don't mistake what I'm asking here, I'm not asking if it's ok for me to start riding with bad form,.. Just wondering how so many seem to get away with it! while riding with WAY more skill & confidence than I can!!!

[edit] it one of those, "once you learn the "Rules" THEN you can start to break them kinda things??
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