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Boot story from hell

Be prepared to laugh, while I'm prepared to be flamed. I'm in the midst of a major boot problem being about 1200 bucks in with no comfortable fit.

I'll thank anyone in advance for reading this whole thing and offering a suggestion.

I replaced my DC judge boots with Ions start of the season. After only a few days out I noticed that the top needed to be tightened after every run. Basically it felt like I had no support from ankle up. Here is where the shit storm starts. Not only do the ions not give me support above the ankle I'm convinced therre is something wrong with the lacing system because what little crappy support I get loosens after every run. I'll try and warranty/return them.

This problem presents itself on the first day of a 9 day whistler/Banff snowboard trip so I need a solution fast. I went to a store in whistler told them my problem and asked for a proper fitting "apx 7 out of 10 flex boot". I take the guys advice who puts me in a pair of Ride Insano Boots. Off to Banff I go first day on the run they are nearly unusable ...way too stiff. Holly crap has anyone tried these things? Im not into racing and I asked for a 7 out of 10 type flex. How the fck would the guy at the store put me in these. Now I'm 800 bucks in.

In Banff and not able to return the Insano boots to whistler where I bought them (guy on the phone said he may do nothing at all for me but I'll deal with that later) I need to get boots for the rest of my trip. Out of the ones available to try I buy Soloman Synapse. I have a narrow foot so they fit pretty good, but again they offer no support about my ankle. Its a double BOA so I can tighten the top, but the problem is the top BOA also controls the strap over my ankle so if I tighten it to fit my skinny calf area enough it over tightens my ankle. I was stuffing socks in the upper part of my boot to better support that area.

Now I'm 1200 bucks in with still no comfortable boot.

Can anyone suggest a mid flex boot that fits a narrow foot, and narrow lower calf area? Preferably Something that has a double tighten system where the top portion ONLY tightens the top part and nothing in the bottom or ankle so I can tighten the top area enough and not over tighten the bottom.

I'm considering going back to my DC judges because they fit the bill, but I did get heal lift...maybe I can fix the heal lift easier with an insert?

Now I have to sell new Soloman synapse, try and get my money back for the ill advised Insano boots, and warranty my ions.
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