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I think in general one of the problems with sites like The Good Ride is their lack of detail and transparency of the review process. They don't disclose who specifically reviewed what, what the conditions were, or the preferred riding style and experience level of the reviewer. As others have pointed out, snowboarding preferences are highly subjective, and without this information I think the reviews become almost meaningless. With Angry, Agnarchy, and even most of the individual reviews on this site, you get this information. Of course, demoing stuff yourself is undoubtedly a more reliable way evaluate something, but for those of us who don't have easy access to much gear, quality reviews can provide valuable insight.

Related to this, I find general user reviews from retail websites and the like are also nearly worthless for anything more than vague indications of the likelihood of defects and failures (assuming there are enough reviews), or perhaps indications of the retailer's customer service.
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