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Originally Posted by Slush Puppie View Post
Seriously why do people put these on? They all look ugly and I just don't understand why anyone would need one? Surely it's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist??
Wtf? Are you that bored that you'd start this thread? Not even a good troll

Originally Posted by D1CKER1 View Post
Some people are too lazy to clean the snow off there boards.
Huh? I should stop at the bottom by the lift, unstrap and clean my board down every lap?

Originally Posted by NWBoarder View Post
I think the real question is "Why the fuck do you care what someone else does or doesn't have on their snowboard?". It's all a matter of personal preference and opinion. I can ride with one or without. My preference is to have one if the topsheet of the board is a slick finish. If it's more of a matte finish, then I don't find it necessary. Point is, why care? Just go ride.
What he said. My deck has a gloss finish and is slippery as fuck. Someone close this lame-ass thread please?
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