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Thanks for all the commiseration...

I was just thinking (OK obsessing) over my next play. How long do I rest the ankle before I try again? I'm going to say at least 2 - 3 more days. As soon as I can strap in and carpet surf without pain I'm heading back up to the mountain.

When I do, then what? Do I take another lesson and waste another $60/hr wanting to use my board to bash someone's head in?

Do I stay on the bunny hill until I am much more confident? What techniques should I be practicing? The 150' rope tow doesn't give you a whole lot of room to practice much. Especially with kids and learners like me strewn all about.

I've read a bit about pivot turns (like in this vid) and I've seen mixed messages from the same people. Is it a valid technique, just for moguls, or totally stupid and noobish? It makes sense to me and I think if I practiced it a bit on the bunny hill and the one green groomed run at Shames (that would be a blue anywhere else) it would help me with my confidence and I could gradually increase my speed. As it is now I am only comfortable on my toe edge and my basic skidded turns aren't keeping my speed under control. I'm braking too hard on my heel and skidding out every time I hit a steeper section. That, or sideslipping until my thighs are on fire.

I have two basic problems. I need to be more confident leaning downhill on my heel edge and I'm not confident because the terrain I have to ride is steep and uneven. Hence I need a better way to control speed and generate confidence on intermediate to advanced terrain (cuz that's all there is at Shames)


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