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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post

So I'm thinking, what if the Justice System and the media were to work together to make sure that the NAME of these killers never hits the news. Maybe they could be referred to only as "the loser" or "loser-boy". In fact, if it was possible, erase them completely!. Erase the birth certificate, erase them from school roles, delete any diplomas, if possible get the relatives to change their names. Make them never have existed.

Of course, this assumes I've guessed right about their motivations. I could be totally off base.
That would do more towards curbing these kinds of attacks then any gun ban ever would. The type of people that do this shit are ONLY looking for fame in death, take away that and there is ZERO motivation for them to do it. Every time this crap is sensationalized in the media there is some nutjob out there thinking "whooohooo this is how I can make my worthless life go into the history books"
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