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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Jeffrey, I do not disagree with the points you raise regarding abuses of power by some within our law enforcement entities and I am as opposed to those provisions in the NDAA and America's terrorist actions in Pakistan with drones. I posted about that in the gun control debate thread with links and pictures and got nothing in response but crickets chirping. Americans don't give a shit Anouilh anything or anyone unless it affects them directly! We are the most narcesistic, self absorbed people on the planet and our attitude about our guns is one of countless examples. Doesn't mean a rats ass to the gun nut how many people we have to bury, "just don't talk about limiting my "freedom" to have any gun I want"

The way we protect our liberty is through the democratic process not running around in the woods with AR-15s.
First off, condolences to the families and fellow firefighters.

Secondly, Snowolf: either you missed my post or you're calling me a cricket?!

I agree that semi automatic weapons have no business being in the hands of civilians. A couple of friends have some and have fun shooting at targets, pumpkins, whatever.

While they're not the types to go on a massacre, their fun factor is not as important imo as risking the wrong people having these weapons.
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