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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Jeffrey, I do not disagree with the points you raise regarding abuses of power by some within our law enforcement entities and I am as opposed to those provisions in the NDAA and America's terrorist actions in Pakistan with drones. I posted about that in the gun control debate thread with links and pictures and got nothing in response but crickets chirping. Americans don't give a shit Anouilh anything or anyone unless it affects them directly! We are the most narcesistic, self absorbed people on the planet and our attitude about our guns is one of countless examples. Doesn't mean a rats ass to the gun nut how many people we have to bury, "just don't talk about limiting my "freedom" to have any gun I want"

The way we protect our liberty is through the democratic process not running around in the woods with AR-15s. I want the NDAA repealed too and have joined grass roots organizations with that goal:

People Against NDAA Meetup Groups - People Against NDAA Meetups

This myth that our gun rights keeps us safe from government tyranny is a joke. As you point out with regard to drones being used by domestic law enforcement and the military, a bunch of fat, middle aged, balding, white guys playing dress up Army is no match against the resources of the US government.

Sorry, but I think these wannabe soldier gun nuts are all pussies. If you wanna play with military style weapons, do what a lot of us have done and sack up and join the military and actually serve your country!

I am not able to go there with regard to this being a false flag operation. The majority of Americans already support tougher gun control so there is no need to create knee jerk reactions. These massacres keep happening and we keep talking and doing nothing. The only thing we have never tried is national gun control and bans without loopholes. To me it seems this is the only thing different about America and our global partners who don't have the problems with gun violence on the scale we do. I think we ought to at least try!
Okay, then by the same logic, after a member of our military went on a rampage and killed a bunch of civilians we should ban the military? I could run around a mall and bash in the heads of over a dozen people with a tire iron, we should outlaw tire irons? I could kill a bunch of people with a wrist rocket and a bag of ball bearings, so outlaw rubber bands and ball bearings? How about diesel fuel and fertilizer? Keep in mind that cold medicine is highly regulated yet it is still used to make meth, which is way more deadly then any weapon. What about pit bulls? When a kid get's mauled by one I feel for them and the family, am I going to kill my dogs because of it? Fuck no. Now the asshole that got bit in my backyard (criminal history of burglary) do I feel anything for him, fuck no! The fact of the matter is that our society is breaking down at an exponential rate, every time someone with a few screws loose see's this kind of thing, they have to top it. It's like beating the high score on a video game. (which should be banned also ) There are no gun regulations, bans, or anything else that is going to stop society from driving the loons over the edge, it's that 15 minuets of fame these kooks seek that needs to be eliminated.

Oh and sure other countries with harsh gun controls may have less gun violence, but other violent crimes like rape, and robbery shoot way up

*Edit. Look how many people die in the back country, idiots and pro alike, I think we should outlaw that dangerous activity for sure

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