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Originally Posted by seriouscat View Post
Dude why worry about down unweighting/dynamic movement at this stage? I can tell you first hand trying dynamic turns without properly linking basic turns first just resulted me going really fast without any control. You have to speed check at that point. Down un-weighting is also not an intuitive concept that requires a lot of muscle memory to execute. There's too many steps to do in too little time if you have to think about the all the steps from start to finish.
Did you watch the snow professor vid? What I'm talking about are basic pivot turns as opposed to side slipping to deal with steeper terrain where I don't have the room and it is too steep for my noobish wide-ass linked turns.

It doesn't look or "feel" particularly difficult or counter-intuitive to me. At least not in the living room.

I need a faster way to bleed speed and deal with steep and uneven terrain (all there is at Shames). Also, side slipping as I mentioned sucks. Not just because it looks stupid (I don't really care), but because I can't stay on my heel edge that long without burning out my legs. We are talking like the last 3rd of the run or more.

Originally Posted by slyder View Post
Since the terrain that most instructors teach is in about the same area. Can you kinda scope in on a class or two and watch the instructor for his 'stlye and technique' of coaching.
After seeing a Ins that you think is not a douche maybe approach him and talk to him a bit. Get his name incase you want to try him. Ask him how he goes about teaching an adult, kind of a mini interview before hiring him to help you.
I don't think you guys get how tiny this "resort" is. There are only a handful of instructors/rental techs/cat operators (for the one snow cat) available. And this was "supposedly" their best snowboard instructor.

I emailed the office about my "experience" and we'll see what comes of it.

Originally Posted by ARSENALFAN View Post
You need to find a friend on the hill that is willing to spend some time with you for free. I love teaching newbies and have alot of patience for it. I have taught 3 people how to ride and its very satisfying. I didn't take any lessons, I just had a buddy who was willing to spend the better part of a day encouraging me and giving me some instruction. Thanks be to god it wasn't that grumpy TorpedoVegas who I ride with now
I actually have 3 friends to ride with. One of them is only a little better than me. He has been a few times over the years, but just bought a board last year and went 3 or 4 times. Another guy who has been riding for 3 years but is self taught and incapable of helping me. However, I do know a girl who has offered to ride with me who was sponsored when she was younger and used to teach at a resort back East. She offered to ride switch while working with me. I just haven't had a chance to ride with her thanks to my injury. Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll feel up to it.

Thanks for all the replies and I hope everyone got snow for Christmas!...
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