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Originally Posted by SnowRock View Post
Torpedo was a bit harsh and by no means would I discredit any of the great information snowwolf and others share on riding techniques and learning.... But I think you might have a little too much information floating around in your noggin.

I applaud you for doing your homework when getting into the sport and I agree you don't necessarily want to develop bad habits but there is something to be said for simply getting down the mountain without worrying about the specific types of techniques you are using. Simply try to get comfortable on the snow bad habits or not and then grow/work in technique from there.

Maybe that is terrible advice but I just cant imagine learning to ride with all that jargon floating around my head.
I was thinking the same thing. I didn't learn 'til I was 40. I had surfed my whole life, so I thought this would be "easy." Still, I took a lesson, mainly because the resort (Okemo) offered a free ticket to my friend for bringing me in. I didn't know shit about snowboarding, and I'm glad. The op does seem to have way over-studied before he went for his lesson.

My first lesson was okay. They only gave a lower-mountain lift ticket, so I couldn't do too much damage. After the lesson was over, they let us go. All I can remember is falling constantly, and HARD. I went home and couldn't move for three days. Even rolling over in bed was difficult. But I went out the next weekend, this time to Mt. Snow. No lesson. My friend (a skier his whole life) thought I was doing fine. I did a couple of runs on the bunny, and he said "Come on, let's go!" and took me to the top. LOL! It took me 45 minutes to get down Mountain Road, falling every 100 yards. A couple of times, falling hard enough to wonder if I'd get back up. "What the f*ck am I doing?!" I thought.

Talked to another friend who gave me the old snowboard rule: always go at least three times. The first two will suck. The third one, it will all click.

We went back to Okemo. Sure enough, we went to the top on the first run, I took off and it felt like I knew what I was doing! I still fell, and falling was pretty much part of the deal for the first couple of seasons, but at least I knew HOW to fall without hurting myself.

I rode enough so that last year I missed the entire season. Between riding and beach volleyball, I tore my metatarsal tendon and chipped my ankle bone. Needed major foot surgery, on my back for weeks, on crutches and PT for six months. Finally got back on the mountain a couple of weeks ago at Stowe, several pounds heavier due to lack of activity, but we went right to the top again, and despite a bit of nervousness (do I still know how to do this?) had a great time.

Just empty your head and feel the board under your feet. I can't imagine having to "think" about the turns I'm going to make. Once you know how to lift one foot, twist the other, swing your hips around, etc, just ride. Practice. Practice, then practice some more. Maybe take another lesson, but keep going out. Your foot will heal. Your over thinking it all is what has to get better. Ooohhhhhhhhmmmmm.
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