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Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity View Post
rest your ankle, ice/warm/ice/warm, range of motion and keep the swelling down. Ankle injuries is not taken care of can come back and haunt you for a looong time.

some days just suck....ride to ride another day and don't waste your self for a season. 6 of season 10-11, age 54, I front shin muscle was killing me, could not get any power for toeside and my body was not able to handle only 1 days rest...rode on sat. my mind said i can do more but my body was not into it.

all instructors are not created equal nor are a good match nor may have the skills to help you learn.

don't worry about the terrain of the hill some are more mellow and some are steep...baker is a bitch to learn on...i thought the bunny hill was steep til a bud took me up a couple of double gave me perspective and was then able to attack the bunny hill...just a matter of mental perspective.

as for calf burn, part is technique, part is lactic acid/hydration, muscle strength/conditioning. I still have calf burn for 2-3 runs then it goes away.

it sounds like the instructor was too much ego into being an instructor...instead of helping you to learn
Good advice thanks. I've been icing/hot water bottling my ankle and massaging with tiger's balm and working the ROM.

As for the instructor, I just don't think he had any idea what to do with someone who wasn't 10 and could already strap in and straight line a mellow slope. Doesn't make him any less of a douche, but just the way it is.

I honestly could have done just as well by myself I think. What I wanted was someone to correct my mistakes and give me feedback. Unfortunately this tool didn't do that.

When I went back up Saturday I actually negotiated linked turns down the bunny hill for 2 or 3 runs with little or no issue. Almost caught an edge once, but felt it and corrected. I was really focusing on leaning what feels like forward and placing more weight on my lead foot while pointing or turning starting with my shoulder. Still tough to do when your lead ankle is all fucked up.

So, I'll work on pivot turns to deal with the steeper sections and keep practicing. I'm just torqued because I took 2 weeks off work to ride and so far I've got a couple of half days in. I was hoping to get almost half my days this season over these 2 weeks. More than a little disappointing.

Oh and the burn I'm getting isn't so much calf. I'm in pretty good shape and the only problem I have is in my quads in a pretty focused area above my knees when I'm side slipping on heel edge for too long. I don't really side slip on my toe because I like to see where I'm going and I'm way more comfortable on my toe edge so I tend to traverse fine even on the steeper stuff.

The biggest issue I have is that all the runs at Shames converge in one area under the only chair (old school 2 seater) that is a littered with small drops, steep sections, and uneven terrain. I'm not comfortable bombing down it and it's too fucked up for my wide noob turns. That's why I'm going to work on quick sort of "hop" pivot turns to deal with that area and have to side slip less. At least that's the plan at this point. Unless of course someone has some better ideas...?

Thanks all

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