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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Why so fucking defensive? How was my statement "bitching"? get the fuck over yourself aready!!!

I just said I don`t really get into it and to me it isnt worth my time stopping and turning a camera on and of. Why the fuck do you get pissy because someone doesnt want to ride with a fucking gopro? Never once did I tell you or anyone what to do! Get the fuck over what others do and prefer; seems to be a constant fucking theme with you from "bitching" about how ugly stomp pads are to getting pissy like a butt hurt little school bitch over my not wanting to rock a camera......fucking control freak!

Yeah, SOME people WILL bitch about anything; check the fucking mirror!
Hey asshole, speaking of pissy and defensive! I didn't start the goddamn stop pad thread and I didn't say anything negative about stomp pads. And I didn't single YOU out over the tremendous bother of clicking a button! Get over yourself, indeed!
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