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An "assault rifle" is to broad of a term. I understand what you are saying, but then where do we draw the line. It's a very thin line. You swap out the barrel and firing pin in and AR (like most guns do now) and they now fire a normal .22 bullet. Much less firepower. Still the same gun. Yet the .22 rifle would be legal. It's tricky and if they are going to do it they need to do it with care and implement something with people who actually know what they are talking about. I don't want senators banning things they don't even know what they are.

An AR is the perfect gun for hunting predators. Not exactly for where you are, but for a mix of wooded and fielded areas like here it is. Sometimes you are shooting a coyote within 10 yards and sometimes it's 100+ yards. The AR is the do it all gun. That's the type of gun you need for hunting these animals. You need to be able to fire multiple times quickly too. One ran into a woman's house when hunting it and it attacked her. She fended it off with a pan at first, but it was just about to attack her again when the hunter came in and shot it a few more times and downed it. This was after it had been shot twice.

I am not against restricting it, but banning it all together is not something I can support.

There is no logical reason to have any rifle if that is the argument we are going by. You can hunt deer with shotguns. You can hunt any animal with slugs. That is all we can hunt with here. No rifles what so ever. We are doing just fine. We still have shootings like this.

I say we should have an extremely rough and long process for acquiring these weapons. Those who are going to respect it are going to go through the process. Those who aren't are going to get it illegally. For example, if you own these weapons and have gone through the process to get them then police have the right to search your house without a permit whenever they want. That's how it is in Carolina for owning a silencer on top of having a special permit.

On that note I am done. We all have different opinions. The only thing I am gonna say is if they do a broad blanket ban an AR they are going to fuck it up massively. AR is a broad term and the people who are going to buy these weapons already have over the past few weeks. Gun sales on these weapons are through the roof. It would only prevent them from getting in the hands of law abiding citizens. It would also piss me off that I am authorized to fire weapons that could destroy entire villages in the Army, but can't own a fucking rifle for hunting and target practice. If they do a ban, at least do it right.

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