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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
I've run a binding mount, cool for one run but then you get sea sick from the slope angle changing drastically every couple seconds.

I've run head mounts and they're cool but you don't really admire the view or the run, it looks nothing like what it actually looks like to the riders eyes. Looks much slower and less steep...

The best videos I've seen for showing yourself do seem to be the pole mounts, although I too wouldn't want to carry one around all the time. The helmet works decent for following somebody but if I get a camera again I'll change the lens to a narrow angle instead of the wide shit fishbowl look.

I honestly got pretty bored of the "action cam" concept. It was fun for a bit but the footage isn't that useful. I've got a couple videos now that are fun to watch every once in a while I guess.

I'm going to be riding in a few weeks with a group that will have proper cameras out for video and stills, can't wait to see the results!
Enjoy the ride with the good cams..... Sounds like fun. Honestly when I really think about that's the only time a cam would be super fun. When you just get it or when it's a situation like yours coming up.

Otherwise it would just kind of get boring. I could see having hours of vids I'd never watch. Fuck I've got thousands and thousands of pics I've looked at one time and will most likely never look at again. Thousands........
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