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Originally Posted by OldDog View Post
I'll be fine. I'm just pissed cuz my ankle is fucked and I can't ride. That and I wasted a bill on useless lessons.

Hoping to be riding in the next couple of days.
Ahhhh my friend it was not a waste. Although you didn't neccesarily learn what you thought you should learn you probably learned more than you thought. Don't be so mad, you learned to find a new instructor and you had a day of riding . And you learned what not to do and what your weak points are.

I rode with friends and mainly taught myself to ride. My first time out I was not even wearing the right pants(didn't have the extra dough), I was wet and cold and it took me forever to get off the couch the next day. The douche who put my board together had the bindings backwards :what:. Its a journey lol....that was in 2003ish......
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