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OK, with all due respect I obviously need to clarify some things here.

1. I never said fuck-all about carving or dynamic riding other than the instructor was trying to make me copy him and do some "dynamic" turns before he took me up the lift. I'm sure a bunch of my "terminology" is questionable as I'm a noob, but I have no such ideas. What I wanted to try on the steeper narrower uneven sections (where there isn't room for a wide-ass noob turn) was the pivot turns from the Snow Professor vid I posted. I don't think "I've got" anything.

2. I'm not trying to skip steps or avoid practicing the basics. I did everything the instructor asked me to do. With the possible exception of sitting to strap in when I was already strapped in having done it standing. I questioned the falling leaf because I had read on here that is was not a good technique and although it can be used to get you out of a tight spot, it can also be a crutch and limit progression. Then I did it. It's not my fault the moron kept trying to make me ride switch cuz he couldn't understand that I'm not goofy.

3. All I wanted (other than to vent a little) was a suggestion for a "basic" technique other than side slipping to get me through the steeper uneven terrain with drops, washes, and two creek beds at the base of Shames without burning my legs out side slipping and ending up on my ass sliding down like a tard. I am very happy to practice basic skidded turns. In fact, I wish there was a better run to practice on. The bunny hill is a 150' rope tow and the only groomed green run on the mountain ends in the same more intermediate terrain I mentioned above. I could probably stay upright more if I just bombed it, but I am a noob and control is very important in my opinion. Not to mention that it is busy at the base and everyone is funneled back to the only lift there and I don't want to cause an accident or hurt anybody (including myself).

4. I don't give two shits how old the instructor is. A 15 year old girl would be awesome as long as she watched me ride and then pointed out things to work on with bunny hill drills or otherwise. This moron gave me absolutely zero feedback other than "arms higher". Not to mention the fucker was 31 years old. That makes all his bullshit bragging about freestyle coaching and competition all the more ridiculous.

5. I've watched all your videos Snowolf (more than once) along with the SA learn to ride and intermediate vids, and all the Snow Professor vids at least a couple times. The whole reason I wanted a lesson was so someone could watch me do the basic drills and give me feedback to speed my progression/correct my mistakes. As I didn't get any feedback, I'm pretty sure I could have gone through the drills watching the vids on my phone and got just as far and saved myself the $120. That, and I probably wouldn't have rushed up the chair and fucked myself up. I would have probably stayed on the bunny hill the whole fucking day and been better off for it. Just saying.

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