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Originally Posted by Random View Post
I have had a chance to use the nx2-se 3 times so far. And I am liking it a lot. I have had experienced some of the same problems other have said they were having, like the toe cap moving, the heel getting caught on the highback, and once my ratchet randomly got tighter after getting off the lift and the ratchet was locked.

Some of the things that helped me were, that I switched the toe caps on the bindings as some people have mentioned here before, and I think it's also on the flow website (Left to right, right to left). For me it doesn't move around too much like this.

Also about the heel getting caught, I found that if I lifted my heel a little bit as I am closing the blinding it does not get caught and the binding is easier to close.

If I ever do have trouble getting into the binding, I never adjust the toe cap, I loosen the bigger strap a little and my boot goes in without a problem, just another extra litte step to tighten it back up once its closed.

But the more and more I am using these, The more I find it easier getting in to. Hope this was able to help someone out. I think these bindings are great and I can't wait to ride some more!
i actually didn't know about switching the toe caps; i must have missed that part of the thread. i'll look into it on the Flow website (and here) but i guess if you can provide a link i'd greatly appreciate it! anyway, a couple more points now that i got to use these more (NX2-GT)

i spent 8 more days on it since my post, and i have a little more positive spin. i remember the manual Flow provides mentions that you're not supposed to tighten the bindings down THAT much. with that in mind, i found it much easier to get in and out of them after the initial setup. on my Ride Rodeo, i always strapped in really tight so it was a bit of a weird feeling, but now that i'm used to it i don't notice any difference in response. i stopped really caring about the toe cap, only occasionally tightening it when for some reason it looked loose (??) and i barely notice it. i remember the review on angrysnowboarder also echoes this sentiment. i still adjust it if it ends up hanging too low off my boot, but for the most part i leave it be...

the highback issue is still a big one to me albeit less so once i had my setup to be snug but not tight. occasionally this still happens, and i overcome it by more or less forcing my boot in...basically there seems to be one spot where i can close the highback, but before reaching that point it gets stuck (all or nothing). i never tried to lift my heel, but IIRC the highbacks on my older Flite 2s operated as a lever that lifted it FOR you. so a big disappointment this isn't the case.

that being said, the binding itself is pretty solid. i use them on a Gnu Riders' Choice 2012 (BTX) and it feels very responsive compared to my Ride Rodeos or Union Contacts. The turn initiation is there and feels more or less effortless, and i kind of buy into how the whole cable system works to pull you onto your edge. i love the versatility of the traditional strap-in vs. rear-entry. our upper mountain lifts were on wind hold one day so a buddy and i hiked up a few trails. we would drop in on some pitched areas where stepping in would be incredibly difficult; having the option to sit down and strap in normally is pretty nice.

overall, i'm pleased about the bindings themselves. the performance is definitely there and while these cost quite a bit, i don't regret the purchase because 1) i work and live with low expenses and 2) for better or worse i'm a junkie for new tech in all my hobbies. however, as one of the members of the small echelon of high-priced bindings, i expected a bit more and felt Flow only met me part of the way in expectations. while the design philosophy is there, the execution isn't as great. suggestions would include milling the bottom of the highback a bit (i never brought out the ruler, but i'd say as little as a quarter inch would help immensely) and develop some locking mechanism to keep the toe strap in place. this is not to say no binding company is immune even at the $300+ price point; just two years ago i remember Union had pretty sketchy toe straps on their $400 MCs, but i'd love to see Flow take the next step in evolving these because i really think their thought is in the right direction.
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