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Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
A little chart from Australia, showing after the gun ban in 97 that homicides with knives went WAY up. We should ban steak knifes too?
Australian Institute of Criminology - Homicide weapon statistics
Actually if you read the graph properly then the average (mean line) deaths from guns has decreased from 30% of homicides to 20% and knives have increased from34% to 38%. Hardly what i call "WAY" up. In fact i believe a drop of 10% and an increase of 4% = a total drop of 6% hence less homicides. The actual homicide numbers for 2006/07 were 15% gun (a 14% drop from 96) and 45% knife (a 11% increase from 96).

Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
^You did read that right? shows how statistics are skewed to support an argument (like i did and you did)

Look i have skipped a few pages so forgive me if i repeat anything others have said. First off, Australia, well im from there and i have also lived in the US for 5 years.

Some observations from me, in my entire life in Aus i have never seen anyone have a pistol in their car, my first week in Louisiana i saw 4 in cars i rode in. Secondly, in Aus i have never seen a gun pulled at a party, my 2nd month in the US i did.

Thirdly, after Port Arthur (96 massacre) gun laws were obviously changed, so does that mean crime rates change? Probably not but what it does mean is that GUN crime goes down, which means that there will be less massacres or mass killings which i believe was the entire point of the revised laws. We have not had one since and hopefully never do again.

Your analogies are a way for you to justify owning such weapons that may be banned should gun laws be tightened. For starters knife crime did not go "WAY" up, i'm sure it increased and why do you think that is, well its cos those assholes who kill didn't have access to a gun that could feasibly kill many more people in one go. I also know that if someone pulled a knife i have a better chance of running from them than out running a barrage of bullets.

Anyone who compares other forms of crime or homicide to that with an assault weapons is searching for a way to justify their outdated, ignorant and selfish views and wants. I AM YET TO HEAR A VALID REASON WHY A CIVILIAN NEEDS AN ASSAULT RIFLE. Australia is a much safer place than the US and i attribute this to our gun laws and how hard it is to get your hands on one. Your analogy of someone beating people in a mall with a tyre iron is so far off rational its laughable.

If someone walks into a mall and starts stabbing people or beating them with a baseball bat, i am 100% certain someone would try and stop them if not more than one, if someone does the same with a gun then i'm tipping everyone runs.

I am sorry Jeff but you are way off, and until you have lived in my country then kindly keep your retarded comparisons to yourself, cos they are not relevant at all in your argument.

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