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Originally Posted by cjcameron11 View Post
And sorry i couldn't resist this one, seriously you think your hand gun saved you from dying from a rattlesnake bite? Dude i live in a country that has 7 of the top 10 deadly snakes, i grew up in the country where we frequently (every second day) had the 2nd (eastern brown) and 5th (tiger snake) most venomous snake on our back step or in our yard.

You know how many i killed with a gun? ?? ONE and that was cos i had no choice,it came into the house. USUALLY i would just walk away and they in turn, left. So forgive me for thinking that a handgun for snakes is fucking stupid, never mind having to have a great fucking aim, if you are so damn close why would you waste time and shoot it, how bout just walk away.

Ohh and FYI about 12 people die in the US from snake bites every year (most aged 55+). In Australia with all our deadly snakes ww lose statistically 1.5 people per year from snake bites. And i believe most people in both countries were handing snakes or trying to. Maybe instead of shooting at snakes with a handgun you should try and educate yourself on what to do instead.
This is one of the smartest posts I've read with regard to the gun debate.

To ThunderChunky: I know you're done with this and I'm certainly not trying to start with you. But you continue to go back to the fox that ran into the woman's house and tried to attack her as a reason for an assault weapon.

It was being chased by a hunter, correct? The poor thing was scared for its life. I'd venture to guess it attacked her because hey, the fox has no idea if that human was going to try to kill it too. You didn't mention if it was rabid, so I'm going to assume it wasn't.

Animals do not attack unless they perceive a threat. When you walk away, as cjcameron11 pointed out, there is no threat. Obviously in situations like a bear with her cubs is one where even if you walk away, the bear may still view you as a threat.

But education on how to handle encounters with wildlife is key. Shooting animals is not always the best way.

And foxes considered as vermin? - foxes actually hunt and eat what is considered vermin: like mice, rats, rabbits, moles, voles, etc.

If you're going to say foxes/coyotes attack farm sheep and fowl, yeah, they do. But prevention is better here. You lock them up in a sound, predator-proof structure (like a barn or coop) before dusk. Or have a dog or donkey in the herd. Both have been used for the protection of herd animals like sheep. Donkeys especially are pretty scrappy.

There are many other ways to "deal" with predators. An assault rifle is not the best solution.

Just to add, I grew up on a farm and have lived in rural areas my entire life. Never once have I had to shoot or kill anything to save my life, or the lives of my livestock.
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