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Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
Had you read my subsequent post you would know that I said I can find stats that say anything.......When Aus. faces the same problems as we do here then come back and talk shit . And to you personally, to stop at a post, take it out of context with out reading beyond WTF ever got your panties in a wad and call me retarded is...well ignorant to say the least. Why don't you go throw a boomerang and try to hit yourself in the head because you know fuck all about the U.S.
Well actually i did read through all posts after i posted and all my points still stand. I took nothing out of context, We will never face the same problems as the US, mainly because we are run with a much better system and also our culture is to generally educate first and speak second. (note i said generally).

I am also guessing i know a hell of a lot more about the US than a shitload of the people who were born and raised there, hell i have never met an Australian who thought Americans spoke a different language just because they have an accent. I have met more than a few people in the states who assumed i spoke some crazy language just because spoke funny there.

Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
Ok Ok you got me...I was bit as a kid, became violently ill, after that I carried a .22 pistol, and shot every fucking snake I saw. And yes I AM DEADLY accurate didn't "save my life" .....meh....I'm pulling "A you" and calling you a retard for no reason other then cultural differences cause I don't feel like typing fuck off you POS descendant of an english convict
My step brother got bitten by a red bellied black when he was 7 and almost died, you know what he didn't buy a gun, he has never killed one oh and did i mention he grew up and now owns pythons. Quite a different path, probably due to education I'm guessing.

I called your ignorant views and comparisons retarded but if you wanna be in the same boat feel free.

And to your last point, you don't know much about Australia do you? Most families are direct decedents from Irish, Scottish, English and later on Italian and Greek Immigration.

BUT if we were all convicts then i would much rather be a decedent of someone who stole a loaf of bread and got sent to this amazing land than call myself home to a country that was formed on a civil war, embraced slavery, misconstrues a constitution that was put in place 200 years ago, puts rights before common sense and above all else believes that as a country they are truly free to do what ever they want just because they can.

Shit call me a convict everyday!

my names's Petey and i have gigantic balls
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