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Despite my initial post being worded in a slightly aggressive tone (which again wasn't originally intended, curiosity was the driver), I'm a little saddened at how defensiveness, anger and attacks have flowed so readily as a result

I find it interesting that caring about aesthetics and form is seen as such a bad thing by some. It seems fairly false to say that it shouldn't matter. Imagine how dull things would be if everyone all had the dull clothes and the dull boards. But who's right to say you should or shouldn't care other than yourself? And leave others to their choice. The 100's of amazing and individual artworks applied to top sheets each year, people taking the trouble to colour code their bindings etc suggests to me that a lot of people actually care about these things. And why not? Is there a law that says your board must look shit to be serious? No of course not. If it's your primary concern, then perhaps you have your priorities in the wrong order but go to as much trouble as you want I say. It's an individual's choice - it's your 'trouble'. Be it a way to express yourself to others, or for personal satisfaction only. Get stoked on the design of your board if you like. Enjoy your stomp pad, or your nice clear topsheet. Whichever floats your boat most. But on the other hand, we'll all of course form our own opinions (if we happen to notice) about what we see. Shit, rad or whatever. That's a fact. And don't say you shouldn't. It might not be your business and you can keep it to yourself but everyone has a right to their opinion. We all see things through different eyes and have different values. Where people get into trouble is trying to superimpose their own sense of validity onto to everyone else. When you start to recognise this, the world and people make a lot more sense.

But obviously straps inside is better

(that is to say, straps inside works best for me )

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