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Originally Posted by cjcameron11 View Post
Ok i'll address a couple of these points but let me first say i believe most people are arguing the ban of Assault rifles, not conceal and carry.

Do you have a valid reason why Assault rifles should be allowed?

Why would it bother you that the government has guns and you don't? Are you that worried that the government will start shooting its citizens? Or that they will have more power than you?

Can someone please tell me when was the last time that an armed civilian took down someone in the middle of killing other people? Like i actually want to know when some random from the public saw someone shooting other people and in turn took them down?

It seems to me that many of these arguments against gun law changes are personal reasons and people afraid of having things taken from them.

In case the tone of any of those responses is offensive i assure you i meant none, just an intelligent debate.

i'll address these one at a time...

1) very few crimes are committed with assault weapons, so why the need to ban them? the last numbers i looked at, assault weapons accounted for about 3% of guns seized by police. so a ban of such weapons will have little to zero impact at addressing violent crime. the virginia tech shooter only needed a glock 19 and a p22, neither of which are assault weapons by the anyone's definition but the victims.

2) that is absolutely not near reality, the criminals would have all the guns they need through black market. just like mexico.

3) dec 11, 2012 clackamas oregon, mall shooter kills two shoppers before his gun jams, while clearing the jam, an armed citizen in the mall drew on the shooter with his pistol. the shooter, just getting his gun reloaded, retreated to a hallway and killed himself.

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