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Thanks again everyone.

cliffs on what happened today:

- rode with a slight cold / 4 hours of sleep + had to drive 3 hours
- changed my stance width, I felt it was too narrow / had too much setback
- busted my ass hard the first couple of runs due to ^^ and not being used to the stance
- focused mainly on leaning downhill, putting more weight on my front foot, using the front foot to initiate turns, bending knees more, etc. was making good progress
- on our lunch break I checked this thread and read Snowolf's post... tried digesting as much as I can from it and went back out
- WOW the driving my front knee down to my big toe helped my riding sooo much. I was pushing my shins down into my boot tongue alot more and was leaning/riding so much better. Again, thanks again for writing that detailed response!!
- (a good amount of the time) I felt that distinct feel of the edges actually digging in on both toe/heel side and saw a thin line left behind me

I have SO much more to learn, but felt I moved onto the right track of learning. I rode tons better than what you saw in the video I posted.

jml22, yeah I figured the speed would take a while to get used to, definitely felt uneasy a couple of times lol. But I was really pushing it and riding faster than I had ever before.

Today I felt that most of my mistakes came from switching from high (relative to me lol) speed toe side to heel side turns. Im talking about the really wide turns, not the narrow going really fast turns. I think its a combination of 1) not being used to the speed 2) poor body position. I found that I would try slowing down right after the transition, and in doing so would always get a couple of "hops" and catch a little bit of air instead of just smoothly riding on my heelside, resulting in me falling on my ass. I think this is mostly due to riding in the backseat on that transition rather than leaning downhill.

The last 2-3 hours felt amazing though. I dont think I had a single big fall and really felt the progress I have made. I wish I had video footage of it, but my GoPro grenade grip handle mount thing broke in a fall on my very first run. Hopefully I'll get some next time. I can't wait to get out there again and learn some more!

I went up with 2 friends, one being this chick who took these pics and did that instagram filter bs on em


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