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Originally Posted by huckfin View Post
1) i am confident that any reason i give you for not banning assault weapons, you will deem 'not valid'. so i won't try. but why don't you give me a good reason for banning them, other than they are scary looking. and also, explain how turning half of your citizens into felons overnight will solve anything but a law enforcement and political agenda; will the gov't start knocking on doors to confiscate guns? i'm sure that will work very well, not! only sane law abiding citizens will follow a gun ban, sane law abiding citizens do not murder people.
Well you hadn't asked me for one, here are a couple: They are effectively a military weapon designed to shot a lot of targets with ease quickly. They are very powerful and accurate making them perfect for mass killings. They shoot too many rounds too quickly for anyone to justify them as a hunting weapon, They are/were designed for killing HUMANS not big game or animals, they are a weapon of choice for people who do commit mass killings (I understand not the only weapon though).

You don't need to over react with the law change either, no one would be a felon overnight, there undoubtably would be an amnesty for quite some time for people to hand them in at their discretion, we still have periods of time each year where there is an amnesty for handing in illegal weapons to police no questions asked. The government would also buy back the weapons to reimburse the value of the guns.

Originally Posted by huckfin View Post
2) the gov't will not be the only ones with guns, and it is stupid to even fantasize about it, you tell me how it's humanly possible to confiscate millions and millions of untrackable firearms and get them out of the hands of criminals, you know... the ones that will commit crimes with them.. by doing this you may bring down murder by gun rates, but your crime rate will skyrocket to crazy levels, since you know.. the criminals will know the citizens cannot defend themselves.
I don't think anyone is suggesting it will be easy, or that everyone will comply. What it does do is then limit (even marginally) the amount of these type of weapons in the publics hands. It has been shown that crime rates do NOT skyrocket to crazy levels as you have suggested. And no one is saying all guns should confiscated, can you not defend yourself with a rifle/shotgun/pistol?

Criminals don't give a fuck who can or cant defend themselves, this has been shown by the amount of crime by any means in the first place.

Originally Posted by huckfin View Post
3) hangduns account for more crime than assault weapons do.. why do you want to ban assault weapons, and not handguns? since handguns kill far more people than assault weapons. do you have some political agenda or something.. are you in the handgun business? are assault weapons your competitive market?
If it were up to me i would too ban handguns, but i also see that they are useful for self defence when in the wilderness. BUT that is not what i am arguing so don't act like i have ever said ban all guns or handguns.

I live in Australia mate, we don't have assault rifles, and it is near impossible to get a handgun, so instead of turning the argument into something that is my doing please just answer the questions instead of throwing out accusations that are quite frankly ridiculous.

You are STILL yet to give a valid reason as to why Assault rifles should not be banned.

Please ill settle for one good reason other than "they look cool"

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