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Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
Ya gotta go with "the thing" I mean he can impersonate any of the heros(im referring to the 1994 version i think) so you really couldnt be sure who is who.
Well, then we just need to rephrase the question, but the substance of the question remains the same. If "The Thing" had to fight any other given superhero, then WHICH super hero would "The Thing" CHOOSE to impersonate in order to win?

I think a lot of people would go with Superman, cause of his strength and shit. However, I'll go with Spiderman. He has the proportionate strength of a spider. Hence, I think he might just as strong as Superman, but he is a lot smarter, and does not have the krypotnite weakness...

but...Terje might but up there, too.
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