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Most of the developed world has much lower crime rates, importantly less murders and mass murders with guns.

Yet it seems most Americans (on here at least) are still saying.

"Well you can kill with a knife or any metal implement, therefore we would need to ban everything that could be used as a weapon for a ban to make sense".

Do you realize how entirely illogical this "argument" is?

It makes no sense because as many have repeatedly pointed out other weapons are much less effective at killing and require more fitness, strength, skill, speed and will power.

Home made bombs may be an exception, but they are still harder to make and successfully use to kill people. It requires much more effort and there is much more that can go wrong and the bomb be a dud.

I believe that addressing the deeper issues of glorifying violence and killing (mass media, movies games etc) and treatment (or lack of it) for the mentally ill are the key issues.

Still these things will take a long time because most people watch violence and killing (even if it is acting) for entertainment.

This issue in itself is not unique to America and I believe that our whole idea of violence and killing is wrong and needs to be looked at. It needs to be seen for what it is which is a horrible, terrible disgusting thing.

It can only really be an option when we or others we are protecting are genuinely in danger (unlike the war in Iraq where there was only a fabricated threat).

In the meantime making it harder to get guns (more checks longer waiting time) and limiting what guns are available are the obvious short term measures.

I concede that with pure science, it is very hard to prove or disprove the effectiveness of such measures, just too many variables that cannot be controlled.

Even if they cannot be proven to work there is very good evidence to suggest it has helped in other countries.

Surely its worth a try?

The rest of the world is looking on with disbelief as Americans say "we have the right to own machine guns and we will be less safe without them".

Also this nonsense about protecting yourselves from government needs to be looked at in the cold light of day.

If the US military comes after civilians (which I believe they never ever would even if a deranged government asked them to) you are screwed. Your machine guns mean jack shit against trained professionals with all of the latest equipment, training and technology.

Will you shoot your machine gun at a tank or an armored vehicle?

Will you fire it at a fighter jet as it drops a cluster bomb from overhead?

Get real people.

So I say to you why not give some tighter gun legislation a try?

Can you be sure it won't help?

You can bet if it was any of your own relatives who had been shot in the recent shootings you'd be more open to at least explore the possibilities.
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