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Originally Posted by jjz View Post
i went to a chiro/doctor what ever they called.
He said i had a minor tear, most likely in the supraspinatus (part of rotator cuff).
This was 2 weeks ago and 3 days, the last time i felt bad pain was yesterday petting my dog i just felt it really sharp. Its weird how you can carry stuff, no pain, do a lot of stuff but one wrong movement and holy shit.

However its looking good as today i havent felt pain once, so if we get the full 10 cm im goin tmrw.

BTW: Sorry to the mods, i totally forgot about the slam section.
Supraspinatus is a muscle. It's deep to the deltoid and has the action of raising your arm away from your body - which is why you felt a sharp pain when petting your dog. Don't attempt any jumping jacks.

A minor tear in (non-weight bearing) muscle is FAR better than a tear in other soft tissues like ligaments or tendons. Unless the chiro/doc was referring to the tendon of the supraspinatus?

Either way, rest it by avoiding its action. If it's a muscle tear, it'll heal faster. If tendon, take it easy and don't push it.

Topicals like BioFreeze and Arnica will help it along. Ice and heat, also, especially since it's been over 2 wks.

Edit: What I mean by take it easy and don't push it if it's the tendon - not saying you can't get out tomorrow. Just be cautious about it and careful not to push its action (like in a fall).

Oh. And I'm not a doctor but I do know a bit about this stuff.

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