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Originally Posted by ChaletBoy1980 View Post
Firstly I have to commend you on that post - you actually should think about putting something together and self-publishing, it was very amusing and well-constructed! Genuinely.

So the main point of your anger is directed to the fact that I only joined the forum recently and to post about my book. So does that mean if I was a 'veteran member' like you (i.e. spending more time online being an arse and slating people rather than getting out there and leading a fulfilling, worthwhile life) - your opinion of my writing would be more positive?

I certainly don't think I'm awesome for doing a season, it was just the right thing to do at the time and the book serves to provide an insight in to the workings of the chalet host role to those who might be considering doing it or those who have been on catered chalet holidays. There are no other books like this available so I figured when not have a punt at being the first. If you're not keen having read the preview, no worries. Move on.

Let's be clear though, I don't believe I have wasted my youth or that I have made 'piss poor' life decisions and am seeking to recoup any losses. I am currently sitting in my office just outside Melbourne, Australia looking out at a beautiful summer's day having spent my Christmas mainly on the beach so I'm pretty happy with my life decisions. I didn't need to write the book for any reason, I just wanted to as I've always fancied leaving a bit of a legacy behind (other than just the memory of me being a dick to those I was a dick to). I'm guessing you are someone who, given all of the vitriol you're spouting, is also struggling with finding himself in this world but at least you have carved out a niche as a miserable sod who derives joy from trying to bring down others. Be sure to put that on the resume!

I'm more than fine with people not wanting to buy or read the book, and I'm more than fine with constructive criticism but, if you don't mind, I might just discount yours as the ramblings of a socially inept and troubled man!

Hope you have an awesome season though, sunshine, keep spreading that joy!
Ah yes the argument that because I have a high post count I don't do anything else. It's the exact point I would expect from someone who is insulted by the fact they've been mocked for coming on a site and offering nothing to the people other than their shitty ware, which just so happens to be a horribly written book about quitting ones complacent life to travel down the road less traveled in hopes of finding themselves. I love that your assumption of me lies solely in me mocking you for writing like crap and promoting a shitty book.

Now I'll point out that I've published numerous articles in magazines, written my fair share of product catalogs, and still managed to live year round in the mountains riding more days in a month than you probably clocked in the 4 you were a Chalet Boy. Also as your book is a bore I should probably point people to Chalet Girl which at least has some eye candy to look at and will undoubtedly be far more compelling than the quest for a 30 year old to find ones self.

On the topic of ones legacy. I'm positive if you died today no one would notice outside your immediate family and circle of friends. I on the other hand would be a different story.

Now the real topic at hand regardless of how you decide to sway it off topic is that after 4 posts we've learned you can't write, get offended that people are not open to someone who poses to give nothing to a community, and has failed at finding themselves. Unless of course pissing your life away for a third of it in a drunken state is what you had in mind.

Without even bothering to read your book I can assume it has all the stereotypical cliches every snow carnie encounters on their one season of mountains, babes, booze, and adventure. There's love, lust, drunken antics, and some anal fisting by legions of lesbians. Also there's probably some weak message about finding yourself and happiness with the balance of life.

I await your half-assed retort which will just further assert to me that this is your lame grab at trying to get 3 dollars from the Kindle users out there who more than likely will find disappointment in your eBook.

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