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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
Same volume, sure. And a Ford Escape and a Aston Martin likely occupy the same volume of space too...

What's the point of the LCD screen again? The contour has one switch. Slide on and it turns the camera on and starts recording, slide it back and it's off.

Remember the Contour Roam is waterproof WITHOUT the housing. It's only a small waterproof rating but I have used it for snorkelling, kayaking, and of course all weather snowboarding WITHOUT a case... Have you taken your Go Pro deeper than 10' down in the water?

There's form and function. Ideally you'd want the best of both worlds in one product. The GoPro CLEARLY is the underdog in the form category vs. all other helmet cam options I've seen. As you mentioned above function is similar. So what you're essentially saying is that you'd rather buy an ugly product that works the same? I'm not sure I get it.

I certainly put a lot of weight into the function side of my purchase decisions, but to suggest that it makes me somehow "not cool" to also consider form, I just don't understand.
Yeah, I've taken my GP beneath 10' feet. I just don't understand what you're on about. I said the function is "similar," not that the Contour is better. BOTH cameras require a button to make them the Contour has the amazing SLIDE button on top...the GP has a CLICK button on top! Oh, wait...I think I wet myself! A slide button! That is AWESOME! I'll throw away my GP now so I can SLIDE to start my vid instead of CLICK!

The fact is, the GP has better stats and options. Even within the underwater housing, I have an LCD screen to display the functions, even do playback while I'm doing kelp bong hits with the Little Mermaid. Again, why are you so determined to say the GP sucks? I could understand if you were talking about Burton or something...but this brand hatred is just silly.

Digest that for a moment.
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