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Originally Posted by dreampow View Post
Hey Luna,

good to see you are open to the possibility and don't have a predetermined opinion etched in stone.

Since there is evidence that it has helped in other countries I find it curious that you KNOW 100% that it will definitely not help at all in the US.

I agree its not getting to the heart of the issue but that will take a long time and lots more money and effort.

Again I find it hard to believe that you would be saying the same thing if it had been one of your kids that was shot down.
I am open to the possibility but I can pretty much fathom that getting to the heart of why things happen and starting there instead of attacking a tool that people can get thier hands on regardless or replace it with a different tool would be more effective in the long run.

You can't neccesarily use other countries as example as well because you need to factor in everything from environment, to other laws they have in place, education, etc. You can't just simply say well "X" country has a gun ban and it works there when most countries barely even mirror our country on every other level. They probably have other social systems in place etc that are more effective and help thier citizens to not commit crimes or snap off into psychotic rage in the first place. Instead of being irrational and looking at things from one side step outside the box and look beyond the gun and why the person is holding it in the first place. Stuff like this will keep happening unless you get to the heart of people, look to the children and really buckle down on education etc. Im not against banning guns, I just think its stupid to always look at that as the first thing to do when there is a bigger freaking issue.
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