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Originally Posted by luna View Post
Tightening laws wont do a thing. Prime example; how easy do you think it would be for me to go buy a bag of weed, cocaine, heroine, etc right this second? Pretty darn easy! Its a waste of time and a waste of government spending to talk about tighter gun laws. Not to mention once again in all instances of recent shootings the guns were stolen.

Go ahead and ban guns and see how many guns are still left on the street(Smh).
See here we go again, people using other things such as knives, tire irons, baseball bats and now drugs to provide a weak analogy between guns and crime.

The FACT is, no one is calling for a ban on ALL guns. The issue at hand is that of assault weapons/rifles.

The issue is to make it harder for people to get a hold of such weapons which in turn forces them to come up with other ways to do their dirty deeds and the whole time limiting their arsenal hopefully making it harder for them to achieve maximum carnage.

NO LAWS PREVENT CRIME, but we can hope to reduce it by having some fucking COMMON SENSE!

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