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Originally Posted by cjcameron11 View Post
True pump actions are quite quick i guess the difference there is their limited range even though they can be more damaging close.

I think the biggest thing is that people need to compromise with what is available and what is logical. Limiting mags is a great idea, probably as important as what guns are legal.

For the record i am not anti gun, i grew up shooting on a farm and believe that it is a good thing to be educated around the use of them as a child. BUT i do believe that you have to draw a line on what guns are available to the general public. This is where my opinion differs from many.
yea i know if you take away AR-15 enthusists will be upset and im not sure if they actually need to take them. i think if you really limit mags, an AR-15 wont be causing mass killings. all it would have is enuf to either defend your home from an attack or if there is a shooting (sick bastards) hit a couple people. you really cant stop the nutjobs from killing but you can limit it.
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