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Well this escalated quickly.

To original poster: Posting links to your own products on your first post on any forum is going to get you some hate.

Even if your story was good (I have no idea - personally I'd go rather read Tucker Max if I wanted amusing stories of guys being guys), it's a crappy way to market that's going to annoy people.

You talk about sales going up, but spamming forums with your first post is incredibly short sighted. If you really wanted to market your book the right way I'd suggest you contribute to forums before advertising your book.

I'd also suggest you not get into fights with people who flame you for advertising your book with your first post.

Firstly, you came here spamming your product with your first post instead of contributing, so some anger is justified.

Secondly, I wouldn't pick fights with writers of big snowboard blogs, especially when you came HERE spamming your ebook first.

What happens if he writes a blog flaming you using your real name and every time a future employer googles your name his post comes up on page 1.

Do you think employers are going to sift through the flaming to find out what's real or just move on to the next candidate because they don't want to be involved in drama?

I repeat. You. Came. Here. Don't expect love when spamming forums is your tactic for getting people to buy your book.
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